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We custom make doors for challenging breeds that are tall or short - especially for Dachshunds, Greyhounds, Hungarian Visla and Whippet.

Pet Doors Australia specialise in custom pet door installations. We can customise pet door installations for very short dogs or dogs with short legs by increasing the height of the timber bottom rail of the door to allow for the dog door to be installed into the extended wooden portion of the timber rail in a lower position rather than installing the pet door in half wood and half glass as can be seen in the pictures below. We find this to be a superior installation method than fitting the pet door in half wood and half glass as is traditionally done.

We also make to order for any size glass door and any size pet

This pet door is designed for when it is to be installed into a door with a high bottom rail and you need the pet door to be as low as possible.

A hole in glass is normally a minimum of 50 mm up from the base of the glass, then there is the frame of the pet door and that could make it 100mm to the bottom of the flap. If the hole is cut out from the base of the glass and not leaving the minimum of 50 mm at the bottom then the pet door can go 50 mm lower as can be seen in the YouTube video below.

We can supply & install anywhere in Melbourne and you can order on-line and we can send your order anywhere in Australia serviced by Australia Post…

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