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How do I measure my pet for a pet door?

How do I measure my pet for a pet door?

Dogs and cats come in all shapes and sizes, we recommend the following method for determining the right flap for your cat or dog.

  1. Measure the height of your pet from the tallest point of your pet's back to the ground in millimetres. The top of the flap should be at least 20 to 30mm higher than the tallest point of the body, usually the top of the shoulder, or bottom of the neck.
  2. Measure the width of your pet from the widest part usually from shoulder to shoulder in millimetres.
  3. Measure from the Underbelly of the pet to the ground.
  4. These three measurements should help you determine what flap size your pet will be comfortable using. All our door dimensions and sizes are located on our website
  5. Once you have decided on the right flap size, take the flap measurements - draw them on cardboard, cutout the flap and size it up against your pet (see if your pet will go through it)

You also need to keep in mind how high off the ground the pet door will be installed. This should be as low as possible for your pet to comfortably step through. Placing your cardboard cutout against the install area (glass pane, wall, or door) you will be able to gauge how high off the ground you plan to install your pet door; ensuring that your pet’s tallest point won’t be touching the top of the flap, and your pet’s underbelly passes through the flap without touching it.


How can I pay for my door?

Order on-line either by credit card, PayPal, or EFT into our bank account, or call and provide your credit card number over the phone (Visa and

If paying via PayPal the following credit cards are accepted: Visa / MasterCard

Is GST included in the online prices?



When will my order be dispatched?

In stock orders will be dispatched via Australia Post within 1-2 business days depending on the time of your purchase, allow up to a further 5 business days to receive your order. For delivery to remote areas or those serviced infrequently by Australia Post, the delivery time can take longer.

How much does shipping and handling cost?

Shipping is included in the price of all Perspex pet doors for glass fitting, manufactured in our factory. All other pet doors, parts and wall liners attract a shipping and handling fee applied at checkout based on location.

Where do you despatch to?

Anywhere in Australia serviced by Australia Post.

My order hasn’t arrived yet?

Please check your tracking number provided either by text from Australia post, or via our email, or contact our team for assistance.

My product arrived damaged

Sorry to hear that! Please contact our team for assistance, and email us pictures of the damage.

Exchanges and Warranty information

Can I exchange my order for a different one?

If you feel you need to return an item please contact our team for assistance first. We only accept returns if the product has not been installed or used by your pet; package it arrived in is undamaged; all parts are included, and the product itself is not damaged or scratched in anyway. We do not cover the price of returned postage, or delivery costs.

Can I return or exchange my custom or Perspex Special pet door?

Unfortunately we cannot accept returns or exchanges for these types of custom orders. Please check your measurements carefully before purchasing.

What is your warranty policy?

If you believe an item is faulty please contact us to discuss your issue first. Your product may need to be returned to us for assessment and we will endeavour to repair/or replace if the product is found to be faulty.

Manufactured by Pet Doors Australia:

Our manufactured products come with a 12 month warranty. If you purchased a third-party brand from us please contact us as warranty periods on these doors vary and we would need to contact the supplier.

Please ensure any locking devices (barrel bolts/swivel clips) are not locked until your pet becomes comfortable in using their pet door in an appropriate way. A damaged door because of misuse e.g. pet charging the door when locked is not covered under warranty.

About our Manufactured Perspex Doors

Care instructions for our manufactured doors:

Do not over clean this product; for cleaning do not use strong detergents or chemical compounds on the door, only use a soft damp cloth with a small amount of mild non-abrasive hand soap. It is advisable to occasionally apply an anti-oxidant solution to the hinge, magnets and screws.

Important information about our manufactured doors:

You will need to provide us with your glass thickness so we can send the correct spacers and screws for your pet door.

Our manufactured doors come with barrel bolts, or swivel clips for locking from inside your home.

Our doors are self-closing using magnets that are very quiet.

Our hinges are made of stainless steel.

Ours doors cannot be installed into a fenced pool area.

When unlocked it is possible for an intruder to crawl through the larger sized pet doors.

Our doors are not intended to be installed into high weather impact areas (wind, rain), or aggressive corrosive environments such as marine, or coastal areas with strong winds carrying sea (salt) water mists onto nearby land areas, or areas with low air quality.

What is the difference between an Underbelly and Standard Flap?

Our Underbelly flap has a curved bottom, or rounded bottom. Designed to be stronger and lower to the ground especially for short legged pets.

Our Standard flap has a square, or flap bottom.

The Underbelly Series Doors is a certified Australian Design registered to Pet Doors Australia (202215329), and exclusively sold by only our company.

Installation questions

Do you provide an installation service?

Yes, we have preferred installers throughout Australia. Please request installation at checkout, we will contact you and advise if we have an installer in your area, and provide you with an estimated quote, and if you are happy we can proceed with organising this process for you.

Depending on the installation we may request photos to understand what work is needed to be undertaken.

Product and Stock

Can I install into single, or double glazed toughened glass?

Yes, but not into existing glass.

We do not install our pet doors into existing glass doors, or windows as this can compromise the integrity of the glass and is a safety concern.

A new pane of glass is required and your existing pane of glass is removed and replaced with a toughened pane of glass with the cutout for the pet door and our door installed.

Cost is dependent mainly on the size of your glass pane that will need to be replaced. A general pricing guide for single glazed glass, or pane is between $700-1,000, with an additional $400-$700 for double glazed glass.

We have qualified glaziers across Australia that install all our pet doors into new glass doors, or panes (select installation at checkout), and we can organise a quote for you.

Can you install into a sliding glass door?


Our doors are suitable for most sliding doors (minimum clearance required 7mm inside, 13mm outside). If you require smaller clearances, please contact  us as we can make adjustments during the manufacturing process.

Our glass fitting doors are made for mounting into single, or double glazed toughened glass panels. See section on ‘Can I install into single, or double glazed toughened glass?’ for further information.

I need a new pet door that fits the hole already in my wall.

We may have a pet door that fits your existing cutout hole, or we may be able to provide you with a custom sized door. Please contact us.

What replacement flap do I need?

Dog door flaps are not interchangeable between brands.

Replacement flaps are located on our website under spare parts.

Check what brand, or type you have, and measure the flap size dimensions in millimetres.

If you need assistance please email us the brand if known, the flap size dimensions (mm) and take a photo of the door.

If the replacement flap is for one of our manufactured doors, please email us your name, invoice number/or date of purchase, type/size of door if known, as well as a photo of the door.

What are Wall Liners?

These are an addition to the Cat Mate, Dog Mate and Staywell pet doors as well as our Perspex pet doors.

These allow for installation into weatherboard and brick walls and in some cases timbers doors. The wall liners inside/outside sections fit together and have a flange on each side and cover the cavity in the wall.

Once a hole is made in the internal and external part of your wall our wall liner will enclose the entire wall cavity.

Our wall liners are specifically designed for installation without the need for any stud framing inside the wall.

You can normally do this without any structural alteration to your building, for structural alterations a qualified tradesperson is required.

The liners are made of 10mm PVC - hard wearing, easy to clean, cut or drill and can be painted.

Wall liners for Cat Mate, Dog Mate and Staywell are not sold separately, the corresponding door must also be purchased from Pet Doors Australia. Wall liners attract a postage charge calculated at time of check out based on the state of destination.

What are Perspex Specials?

Made to order Perspex panel with a built-in flap to replace your existing glass pane or panes.

Typically a solution for small glass panes or sections of doors or windows such as French doors, louvre windows. Replacing the whole pane with a Perspex panel an be more cost effective than replacing a whole glass pane.

You will need to provide us some specific measurements and photo of the area; to enquire about a Perspex Special please fill in the enquiry email form on our website.

What is a Custom Door?

We manufacture a large range of standard doors.

If one of our standard sized pet doors is not suitable for your pet, we manufacture made to order Perspex pet doors for any sized pet, or installation area. Sometimes a dog may be wide but not tall such as a Bulldog or very large such as a Mastiff, we can customise your door to suit your dog.

You may want a pet door for an existing cutout in your glass.

You may need a specific 2 pet door solution.

Optional extras - PET DOORS AUSTRALIA manufactured doors:


Our standard range is clear.

Other colours are available at checkout. Please contact us if you would like to enquire about another colour that is not listed.

Full Spacers

Our rectangular manufactured pet doors come with spacers (that fits your thickness of glass) one for the top and one for the bottom of the pet door.

We have an option where you can have full spacers, that fully encompass the border of the pet door glass cutout, there will be no gaps around the side of the door, which is more visually appealing.

This is a popular consideration for double glazed glass as it full encloses and protects the glazing seal around the glass cutout.

Double Barrel Bolts and Magnets

These are available as an option for most of our manufactured doors (including custom, and Perspex Special doors).

They are predominantly designed for larger dogs and doors to provide a tougher locking mechanism and stronger closing capability (care must be taken when specifying extra barrel bolts and magnets as this may make it difficult for small pets to open the door).

Pet Door Covers

This is an additional Perspex panel that covers the flap and is designed to be a deterrent and extra barrier for potential bad actors. The panel cover locks in place on the inside of your home with swivel clips.

There are also different colour options available.


I am having trouble processing my order on your website.

If you are experiencing any difficulties purchasing from our website, please call us on 1300 167 631 for assistance.

What do I do if my pet is having difficulty adjusting to the new pet door?

You may need to train your dog to use their new pet door. There are many helpful videos on line that provide a number of options you can deploy like using treats, securing the flap to be open until your pet gets comfortable going-in and out.

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