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Our Wall Liners for Walls

Wall Liners for Walls
  • For installs into weatherboard & brick walls.
  • Made to fit our pet doors (Perspex, Cat/Dog Mate, Staywell)
  • Select as an option when purchasing Cat Mate, Dog Mate, Staywell doors at checkout
  • Our Perspex pet doors already include a wall liner in the price
  • Made of PVC - hard wearing, easy to clean, cut or drill and can be painted.
  • The wall liners inside/outside sections fit together to fit the whole cavity of your wall
  • Option to have additional Perspex colour frame placed on outside of the wall, email an enquiry
  • Need a custom wall liner, email enquiry
  • Liners are not sold separately, the corresponding door must also be purchased from Pet Doors Australia.


Glass Perspex

Clear is our standard default colour. Colours are optional, all doors are sent with clear flaps unless otherwise specified.

Perspex for Timber Door & Walls

Must be a solid colour to be selected at checkout.
All doors are sent with clear flaps unless otherwise specified.

Full Spacer Option

Glass Fitting Pet Door Spacers

Glass fitting doors are supplied standard with 2 spacers for the top and bottom of the pet door, as per glass thickness provided.

Full spacers are optional, in clear as well as colour options to be selected at checkout.

The spacers enclose the entire surround of the flange around the pet door and glass cut out.  This is important as it fully protects the silicone seal of the double glazed unit. It also makes cleaning much easier and why it is also preferred for single glazed units.

Extra Barrel Bolts Option

Our Perspex pet doors come with two locking barrel bolts (one set) on each side of the flap.

If you want greater locking strength we can add another set of locking barrel bolts, select at checkout.

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